What location advantages are you promoting?

Communicate your location’s advantages to businesses and talent more effectively by embedding Localintel’s economic development tools into your website.

Quality of Life
Quality of Life Advantages

Attract talent to your location by showcasing what your community has to offer.

Logistics & Accessibility Advantages
Logistics & Accessibility Advantages

Promote your location’s access to global markets by road, rail, air and sea.

Workforce advantages
Workforce Advantages

Promote the size, strength and diversity of your workforce available to businesses.

Community profile
Community Profile

Showcase your location and provide essential insights to businesses, staff and residents.

Talent pipeline advantages
Talent Pipeline Advantages

Showcase the universities and colleges supplying talent to businesses in your location.

Target Sector Advantages
Target Sector Advantages

Highlight the size and location of industries your organization is targeting for growth.

Market advantages
Market Advantages

Share key demographic data and make it easier for businesses to undertake market research.

Economic Advantages
Economic Advantages

Promote the strength of your economy and provide key indicators to businesses and investors.

Fast growing Industries
Fast Growing Industries

Highlight the fast growing industries that are creating jobs and opportunity in your location.

Largest Industries
Largest Industries

Showcase the largest industries in your economy that are driving employment and economic activity.

Search Commercial properties
Search Commercial Properties

Help businesses find commercial properties that are currently for sale or lease.

Industry Insights
Industry Insights

Present trends and financial performance benchmarks for hundreds of industries.

Growth & Opportunities
Growth & Opportunities

Show businesses where growth, development and investment is occurring in your location.