Logistics and Accessibility Advantages

Promote your location’s access to global markets more effectively by adding Localintel’s Logistics and Accessibility Advantages tool to your website.


Let’s showcase your location advantages more effectively

Access to markets is one of the most important site selection factors for location advisors and businesses. By adding Localintel’s Logistics and Accessibility marketing tool to your website, you will ensure you are showcasing your location’s advantages to the world

Make your location more attractive to businesses

Localintel’s Logistics and Accessibility tool makes it easier for people to explore the air, road, rail and water transport network connecting your location to the world.

Provide valuable infrastructure data on your website

Ensure your website shows how businesses can reach all major domestic and international markets from your location by land, sea and air.

Keep people on your website longer

The longer a visitor stays on your website, the more likely they are to uncover reasons to locate in your community. We've designed our Logistics and Accessibility tool to keep people engaged on your website longer.

Save time and money

Localintel sets the tool up, sources the data and automatically updates it – saving you time and money. The tool integrates easily into any existing or new website, and dedicated customer support is provided.

Woodlands County

"As a municipality, people may have heard of us, but can’t place us geographically. The toolsquickly and easily put our location and its major connections in an easy visual context."

Bert Roach
Economic Development Officer

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