Frequently Asked Questions

We make marketing tools that hundreds of economic development organizations have integrated into their website to promote their location’s advantages.

Who is Localintel?
Why do economic developers use Localintel?
How are Localintel different than other technology providers?
Who else uses Localintel?
Where is Localintel based?
Why embed our data visualizations into your website?
How does it work?
Who is responsible for setting up the visualizations and keeping the data up to date?
Where does the data come from and how often is it updated?
Are Localintel’s visualizations mobile friendly?
What elements of the tool can be customized?
How much are Localintel’s products?
How do I get a quote from Localintel?
Is my community too small to afford Localintel’s tools?
What support does Localintel provide?
What is the process for implementing Localintel’s products?
Can Localintel’s data visualizations be integrated into our type of website?
Can I see how many people use our data visualizations?