Largest Industries

Add Localintel’s Largest Industries tool to your website and showcase the largest industries that are driving employment and economic activity in your location.


Promote your economy’s largest industries on your website

Your location’s largest industries represent strengths that can be built upon and leveraged. Promote these drivers of your economy by embedding Localintel’s Largest Industries marketing tool into your website.

Showcase your economies biggest employers

Understanding the largest industries in your community is a valuable component of market intelligence for businesses, site selectors and investors.

Market you largest industries with data

Provide businesses, investors and site selectors with valuable data about the biggest employers in your economy by type, size and location quotient.

Keep people on your website longer

The longer a visitor stays on your website, the more likely they are to uncover reasons to locate in your community. We've designed our Largest Industries tool to keep people engaged on your website longer.

Save time and money

Localintel sets the tool up, sources the data and automatically updates it – saving you time and money. The tool integrates easily into any existing or new website, and dedicated customer support is provided.

Middle Michigan Development Corporation

"Localintel’s tools are interactive, very easy to use and allow site selectors and other audiences to quickly get the information that matters to them most. Graphically, the tools add a polish and professionalism to our site that we really appreciate."

James McBryde
President and CEO

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