Growth and Opportunities

Add Localintel’s Growth and Opportunities marketing tool to your website and communicate your location’s path of growth more effectively.


Share the hard to find information businesses want

Businesses and location advisors are attracted to growing communities and the opportunities are arising from it. Adding Localintel’s Growth and Opportunities marketing tool to your website makes it easy explore where opportunity-generating activity is occurring, or planned to occur, in your location.

Give businesses what they’re looking for. New opportunities.

Adding our Growth and Opportunities tool to your website helps businesses, site selectors and investors discover your community’s path of growth.

Our most customizable tool. Ever.

New infrastructure, residential development, commercial growth–your choice. Our next-generation tool is designed to showcase growth and opportunities, while creating meaningful customer interactions, too.

Keep people on your website longer

The longer a visitor stays on your website, the more likely they are to uncover reasons to locate in your community. We've designed our Growth and Opportunities tool to keep people engaged on your website longer.

Save time and money

Localintel sets the tool up, sources the data and automatically updates it – saving you time and money. The tool integrates easily into any existing or new website, and dedicated customer support is provided.

Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation

Localintel’s tools cover so many of the important topics that companies and individuals want to know about

George Lewis
Vice President of Marketing, Communications and Research

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