Market Advantages

Assist businesses to identify customers, competitors and market opportunities when you add Localintel’s Market Advantages tool to your website.


Let’s promote the potential of your location

A primary task for many businesses considering relocation or expansion is analyzing what other businesses are in the area and/or understanding what types of customers live in an area and how much they have to spend. Make this process easy by adding Localintel’s Market Advantages tool to your website.

Make it easier to find opportunities

Add the Market Advantages tool to your website to make it easier for businesses to explore key demographic data including incomes, age, household types, dwelling data and business distribution.

Engage businesses when they’re most likely to act

Our Market Advantages tool helps you engage businesses and location advisors where they’re most likely to take action–in your website.

Keep people on your website longer

The longer a visitor stays on your website, the more likely they are to uncover reasons to locate in your community. We've designed our Market Advantages tool to keep people engaged on your website longer.

Save time and money

Localintel sets the tool up, sources the data and automatically updates it – saving you time and money. The tool integrates easily into any existing or new website, and dedicated customer support is provided.

Peterborough & the Kawarthas Economic Development

"Honestly the team was floored with the software and realized how much of an asset we have."

Keaton Robbins
Corporate Communications Officer

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