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From Rich Soils to Rich Opportunities: Wheatland County's Growth Story

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Dave Parsell
March 12, 2024

Wheatland County, a jurisdiction rich in history and innovation, stands tall in Alberta's economic landscape. It's where rural charm meets modern infrastructure, creating a land of opportunity for businesses seeking growth and prosperity.

In this article we delve into the strategic allure of Wheatland County as a premier business destination and explore how its partnership with Localintel equips it with powerful data-driven marketing solutions to showcase its strengths to the world.

Strategic Location

Wheatland's proximity to Calgary—a mere 11 minutes at its closest point—is a cornerstone of its strategic location advantages. As Jamie Kramble, Economic Development Officer, indicates, "We have low land costs and very close proximity to both the labor force and global connectivity provided by Calgary."

Its proximity to major transport routes, including the international airport, Trans-Canada Highway and direct rail links, positions it as an accessible and cost-effective location for businesses to distribute products across North America.

Economic Strengths and Incentives

Wheatland County is not just riding on its location merits."We're one of the only municipalities in that Calgary radius that has a municipal non-residential tax incentive specifically designed for targeting those large investors," Kramble asserts. These economic incentives, coupled with one of the region's lowest non-residential tax rates, create a compelling proposition for businesses.

Diverse and Growing Industries

A glance at Wheatland's economy reveals a diversified portfolio – agribusiness, manufacturing, and energy sectors being the frontrunners. Kramble shares, "We're hoping to become the manufacturing center and the new energy hub for the Calgary region." Testament to this vision are the recent investments by De Havilland Canada and CGC Inc., heralding an era of manufacturing prowess and innovation.

Quality of Life and Workforce

Wheatland prides itself on providing a quality of life that attracts and retains talent. A highly skilled workforce, with over half possessing post-secondary education, is at the disposal of employers. The serene rural setting, complemented by urban amenities from nearby Calgary, ensures a balanced lifestyle for residents and a stable environment for businesses.

Localintel Partnership

Localintel's collaboration with Wheatland County amplifies its strengths through engaging data visualizations embedded throughout its website ( providing valuable insights. Kramble appreciates the precision Localintel brings, saying, "It enables us to present an elevator pitch that is backed up by data." This partnership ensures that Wheatland's narrative is not just persuasive and engaging but also anchored in verifiable facts.


A Supportive Government Structure

Kramble also emphasizes the county's streamlined government structure, "Our government is very small, streamlined, and has placed a high priority on that economic diversification and growth of the tax base." This approach ensures efficiency and a business-friendly environment where companies can expect support and swift action.

A Vision for the Future

Looking forward, Wheatland County sees itself as a nucleus of innovation and growth. "We have growth in the new energy industry where we see ourselves as part of the Calgary hydrogen hub," states Kramble. It’s a vision of Wheatland not just as a regional player but as a significant contributor to the energy landscape of the future.



In conclusion, Wheatland County presents a compelling story of growth, innovation, and community – a synergy of factors that positions it as a standout choice for savvy businesses looking to expand or relocate.

Backed by Localintel's data visualizations, the county confidently showcases its competitive advantages, from low land costs and strategic location to a supportive government and a dynamic, skilled workforce.

Here, tradition and future-readiness converge, making Wheatland County not just a place to do business, but a community to join and a future to shape.

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