Innovation in economic development marketing:

How cities can use data visualizations to showcase their strengths and enhance website engagement

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March 12, 2024

In the heart of Texas lies Abilene, a community known for its warm hospitality and vibrant quality of life.

Recognizing the potential to attract top talent, Develop Abilene has partnered with Localintel to integrate the "Quality of Life Advantage" marketing tool into its website, helping create a powerful platform that showcases the unique benefits of living in Abilene.

Localintel’s Role in Enhancing Abilene’s Digital Outreach

Localintel's innovative tool, seamlessly embedded on Develop Abilene's website, offers a dynamic approach to promoting the city's lifestyle perks. It leverages advanced technology to automatically highlight what sets Abilene apart, tailored to diverse personas seeking a fulfilling place to call home.

Personalizing the Relocation Experience with Quality of Life Data

The "Quality of Life Advantage" tool is a valuable source of information for those contemplating relocation. It provides an engaging experience that captures Abilene's essence through dynamic marketing messages, charts, and maps across 18 quality of life categories. This personalization caters to seven distinct user-persona types, ensuring that each visitor receives a customized narrative that resonates with their aspirations and values.

Engaging Potential Residents with Interactive Website Features

One of the notable benefits of this partnership is the tool's ability to keep potential residents engaged on the website for extended periods. The longer visitors explore Abilene's offerings, the more they discover compelling reasons to move, work, and thrive in the community. Localintel's tool has helped Develop Abilene's website become a hub of information, where the allure of the city's cultural, educational, and recreational opportunities unfolds with each click.

Efficiency and Ease: The Administrative Benefits of Localintel’s Tool

Additionally, the "Quality of Life Advantage" marketing tool offers significant time and cost savings for Develop Abilene. Localintel oversees setup, data sourcing, and automatic updates, allowing the economic development team to focus on their core mission without the burden of maintaining the tool. This turnkey solution comes with dedicated customer support, ensuring seamless integration into Develop Abilene's existing digital infrastructure.

Strategic Workforce Attraction through Data-Driven Marketing

Localintel's "Quality of Life Advantage" tool has not only enhanced Develop Abilene's digital presence but has also played a pivotal role in the city's strategic efforts to attract and retain a skilled workforce. The tool's sophisticated approach to marketing aligns perfectly with Abilene's vision of growth and prosperity, making it an indispensable asset in the ongoing quest to draw talent to the city.

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