There’s a new way to showcase your location’s strengths and stand out.

With Localintel, you can pinpoint your location's advantages and access a catalog of data visualizations to share those strengths with site selectors, businesses, and talent.

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Is your community’s potential being overlooked by site selectors, businesses, and talent?

You want your community’s unique strengths and opportunities to stand out, but you sound like every other location.

You want to engage people, but they typically don't stay on a website long enough to discover what your community has to offer.

You want to provide up-to-date data on your website, but finding and maintaining it can be resource-intensive and challenging.

What is Localintel?

Localintel helps you pinpoint and communicate location advantages that resonate with site selectors, businesses, and talent. Each product in our location intelligence platform is powerful on its own, but the real magic happens when you use our insights and data visualizations together.

Identify what makes your location stand out

Using AI driven insights, Localintel will help you identify the competitive advantages that set your location apart, ensuring it doesn’t sound like every other location.

Increase engagement on your website

Embedding Localintel’s data visualizations into your website will get people’s attention, effectively communicate your location’s strengths, and keep visitors on your website longer.

Save time and money with accurate data

Localintel takes care of sourcing and automatically updating the data included in its award-winning technology, saving you time and money.


What location advantages do you want to showcase?

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Middle Michigan Development Corporation

"Localintel’s tools are interactive, very easy to use and allow site selectors and other audiences to quickly get the information that matters to them most."

James McBryde
James McBryde
President and CEO

"Honestly the team was floored with the software and realized how much of an asset we have."

Keaton Robbins
Keaton Robbins
Corporate Communications Officer

"Implementing Localintel’s data visualization tools allowed us to more effectively market what isunique about each of Texas’ regions with the data to back it up."

Robert Allen
Robert Allen
President & CEO

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