Fast Growing Industries

Promote the fast growing industries that are creating jobs and opportunity in your location.

Fast Growing Industries

Showcase your fast growing industries

Growth creates opportunities and attracts investment. Promote the expanding segments in your economy by embedding Localintel’s Fast Growing Industries marketing tool into your website.

Fast Growing Industries

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See how Localintel’s Fast Growing Industries tool
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Why add Fast Growing Industries to your website?

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Market your fast growing industries more effectively to businesses and location advisors

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Increase visitor engagement on your website

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Fast set-up and easy implementation

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Integrates easily into any existing or new website.

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Data included and automatically updated

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Frequently asked questions.

1. What is included in the tool?
The tool includes interactive bubble charts and list view of data. It also segments fast growing industries by all industry types, traded industries and local industries.
2. Where does the data come from?
Localintel sources the data for the tool and regularly updates it. In the United States, data is sourced from Bureau of Labor Statistics, US Census Bureau and Localintel Labs. In Canada, data is sourced from Statistics Canada Business Register and Localintel Labs.
3. Can the tool be integrated into your type of website?
Yes, our Fast Growing Industries marketing tool integrates easily into any existing or new website.