When will your economy recover?

Understand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on your economy’s recovery and get the insights you need to make better policy and budget decisions with the Economic Impact Explorer.


Why do you need the Economic Impact Explorer?

The Economic Impact Explorer provides you with essential insights into the impact of COVID-19 on your economy. It estimates future change in jobs, hours worked and GDP across multiple scenarios.

Make evidence based decisions

The data presented in the Explorer is updated monthly with minimal lag-time, meaning that your policy and budget decisions will be based on recent, reliable and relevant evidence.

Compare your economy’s recovery with other jurisdictions

The Explorer’s estimates can be generated at the national, provincial or Census Division levels. This allows you to compare the impact of the pandemic on industries and employment in your community with other jurisdictions.

Data you can rely on

The numbers reported in the Explorer are based on established economic theory and rigorously validated public data sources, providing credible best-estimates to inform your decision making.

Request your own custom scenarios

Our team can create and add custom scenarios to your Economic Impact Explorer.

See the Economic Impact Explorer in action

Get insights into the economic impact of COVID-19 on Canada’s regions.

Created by industry leaders

We’ve partnered with trusted economists at Limestone Analytics to create the Economic Impact Explorer.

The model that underlies the Economic Impact Explorer is prepared by Limestone Analytics – a consulting firm providing rigorous analytical services across all stages of international development projects, social programs, and public policies.

The firm and its principals have successfully completed assignments for governments and large NGOs around the world, including USAID, World Bank, UNICEF and World Health Organization.

Localintel makes online economic development tools that hundreds of organizations have added to their website to promote their community’s advantages, assist businesses and monitor trends.

Our clients include Invest Ottawa, Washington DC Economic Partnership, Texas Economic Development Corporation, Calgary Economic Development, Economic Development Winnipeg and the cities of Seattle, Cleveland and Tulsa.

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