Tuolumne County, CA

How staff at Tuolumne County built their own world class economic development website



Not too long ago, Tuolumne County set itself a goal to make a bigger economic development impact by:

  1. promoting its community’s advantages to a wider audience of businesses, and
  2. assisting more local businesses to adapt to new challenges, and
  3. helping entrepreneurs start their businesses off on the right foot.
With a limited budget to play with, the County decided to build their own economic development website. After assessing a wide range of “do it yourself” platforms, they chose Wix (wix.com) and got to work creating their economic development website. The County also integrated a selection of Localintel’s plug-n-play economic development tools to ensure their new website is a world-class asset that will drive business attraction, retention and expansion in Tuolumne.


Localintel took a consultative approach to understand exactly what Tuolumne County wants to communicate in their new website. We recommended integrating a distinct set of our plug-n-play economic development tools to help the County achieve its objectives.

Our set of recommendations to the County included mock-ups to show exactly how each tool would integrate within the new website they were building. Importantly, we worked side by side as a member of the the Tuolumne team to provide advice and ensure our tools were quickly integrated into their new website.


By adding Localintel’s plug-n-play tools to their new website, Tuolumne County is using advanced technology to:

  • Promote the county’s location advantages
  • Assist more businesses
  • Raise engagement levels
  • Save limited County resources
  • Drive economic development

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