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How Texas promotes the state and its regions to the world



Texas Economic Development Corporation (TxEDC) recognized that its outdated website required a next-generation approach to marketing ¬Texas¬ as a premier business destination to domestic and global audiences. TxEDC, Localintel and Development Counsellors International (DCI) partnered with the goal to transform businessintexas.com into a world-class online experience that lets corporate decision makers and site selection consultants know that they can Go Big in Texas.


Localintel commenced the project by working closely with TxEDC to understand who they were targeting and what they wanted to promote about Texas. Based on this consultation, we recommended a combination of our plug-n-play Location Advantages tools that met TxEDC’s needs. We then set up the tools and worked with the website creator, DCI, to integrated them into TxEDC’s website. Minimal input was required from TxEDC staff for us to set up the tools.

TxEDC integrated our Location Advantages tools throughout their website to help promote key statewide advantages about infrastructure, workforce, target sectors and other areas of importance in economic development. Our Location Advantages tools were also used to promote each of the state’s 6 regions and 27 metro areas.


“As part of our website redesign, we wanted to showcase valuable data from a corporate location decision perspective, not only at the state level, but at the region and Metropolitan Statistical Area level as well. Implementing Localintel’s Location Advantages tools allowed us to more effectively market what is unique about each of Texas’ regions with the data to back it up.”

Robert Allen, President & CEO, Texas Economic Development Corporation

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