Economic Development Winnipeg, MB

How Economic Development Winnipeg is Attracting a Global Audience



The challenge for Economic Development Winnipeg was to find an innovative and cost-effective way to get people more engaged on their website, so they stay longer and learn more about Winnipeg’s unique offering. After considering a range of options, Economic Development Winnipeg turned to Localintel and our award-winning catalog of online economic development tools. The partnership resulted in an innovative approach to economic development that will support Winnipeg’s future prosperity for years to come.


Economic Development Winnipeg’s approach to using Localintel’s online economic development tools consisted of 2 parts:

  1. Integrating various tools into pages throughout their website to help promote what makes the city special.
  2. Creating a one stop market research centre where existing businesses, entrepreneurs, site selectors and investors can undertake detailed analysis into customers, competitors, zoning, growth locations, business climate, transportation and more.


By integrating Localintel’s award-winning online tools into its existing website, Economic Development Winnipeg is doing a better job at:

  • Promoting the city’s advantages and opportunities to a global audience
  • Providing site selectors and expanding local businesses with the information they want to know about Winnipeg
  • Keeping visitors to their website engaged longer
  • Reducing demands on staff by providing online answers to common questions that site selectors, investors, entrepreneurs and businesses have.


“Localintel has elevated our website by providing real-time interactive data visualization tools for both desktop and mobile. This has saved us both time and money and ED Winnipeg now has a digital destination full of relevant and reliable data. This is extremely valuable as it means our team can spend more time selling Winnipeg to the world.”
Cody Chomiak, Economic Development Winnipeg, Director of Marketing

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