City of Seattle, WA

How Seattle uses data driven marketing to promote the City’s strengths



The City of Seattle is always looking for innovative ways they can use technology to help drive economic development more effectively and affordably. When Localintel launched its ground-breaking new economic development tool called Industry Advantages, Seattle was one of the first cities in the country to add it to their website.


Localintel’s Industry Advantages helps Seattle’s economic development department understand, monitor and promote what makes their city special. Furthermore, by embedding directly into the City’s economic development website, Industry Advantages makes it easier for businesses and investors to uncover the industries and clusters that are driving Seattle’s economy and generating opportunities.


One of the most important tasks for any economic developer is to understand their community’s strengths and actively promote them to create new opportunities. By adding Localintel’s next-generation Industry Advantages to its website, the City of Seattle is using advanced technology to do a better job of:

  • Identifying valuable insights about strengths and opportunities in their economy
  • Promoting these insights on their website
  • Saving time and money


“Data is only useful if it is easily accessible. That’s why I’m so excited about Localintel’s Industry Advantages. Through a beautiful and engaging interface, businesses and the City’s economic developers have access to insights that can them help make choices about where and how to do business in Seattle.”
Dave Parsell, CEO, Localintel Economic Development

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