City of Brazoria, TX

How a small Texas city created an online assistant to support businesses



Brazoria is a small Texas city with a population of 3,112. It does not have an economic development officer, but it is committed to helping its business community survive, grow and prosper. The City recognized that businesses frequently visited its website to learn about regulations, support programs and other available resources. However, the City’s website could not answer many of the questions that businesses had.


The solution for Brazoria was surprisingly simple – the City added Localintel’s Business & Investment Assistant to the front page of its website. The Assistant now makes it easier for Brazoria’s businesses and entrepreneurs to access a range of advice and data that they can then use to make better business decisions. More details about the Brazoria Business & Investment Assistant are provided in the case study.


By adding the Assistant to its website, the City is:

  1. Engaging more businesses
  2. Providing better customer service
  3. Helping more types businesses
  4. Saving staff time
  5. Driving economic development
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